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Julia Ross

Julia Ross, a missionary at YWAM Lancaster

The More You Know

Hello, my name is Julia! I have a heart to see people encounter Jesus in a personal way and completely fall in love with Him. My heart specifically burns for the youth in Lancaster County as well as those in the Muslim World. I grew up In Lancaster and right after high school, in the fall of 2022, I did my dts in Mexico. There I began to grow in my desire both for overseas missions, and be a part of what the Lord is doing in Lancaster. I’m excited to be on staff at Ywam Lancaster, and be able to pour into the area I grew up in!

Romans, because it transformed the way I viewed myself and the Lord.

Right now, I enjoy reading ESV and thoroughly explaining the Bible in ministry.

I traveled to Colombia on a Bible Distribution trip. It was incredible because of the experience of giving people a Bible for the first time when they’ve never had their own!

I’ve wanted to be a missionary for years but didn’t know what that practically meant. I decided to do a DTS for a taste of missions.

I completed my DTS in March of 2023. It gave me a whole new perspective on missions. I don’t have to be someone super special to be a missionary. I just have to be close to the Lord and obedient to what He asks me to do.

My DTS was at Ywam Mazatlan and then the Lord led me back to Lancaster and to Ywam Lancaster. It’s been incredible to see the differences in the bases but both with a heart for serving the Lord in the midst of different cultures.

Recently, in Lancaster, I’ve been able to go to many different youth groups and youth ministries to share. Through different conversations within those places and conversations in evangelism, the Lord has been teaching me how intentional He is. And at times He does show up in significant, dramatic ways. But He often wants to impact people simply through relationships and conversation.


Julia Ross

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