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William Hoover

William Hoover, a missionary serving with YWAM Lancaster since 2016

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Hi, my name is William! I want to see missionaries thrive holistically in the place God has called them too. I’ve been serving with YWAM since 2016, and I did my DTS in Kona, HI. I completed 3 schools in YWAM and now I serve as full-time staff at YWAM Lancaster. I serve in Operations and Member Care. I enjoy coaching others as a Life Coach. Thank you for your prayers and partnership!

Psalms! I know that’s a generic answer, but I love how real David is with God. He doesn’t hold back his thoughts and feelings, but actually gives it to God.
Kenya. We saw God move powerfully. Our team saw over 300 salvations and around 50 physical healings through the Holy Spirit. One time, a man approached me for prayer. As he was walking toward me, I felt a pain in my stomach area. I recognized this as a sign that he needed healing, but hesitated to ask specifically. When I asked what he wanted prayer for, he said he had pain around his stomach. I prayed for him, and the Holy Spirit completely healed him!
God called me to it. I had done 2 schools with YWAM previously, and then I joined YWAM Lancaster in 2020.
Fall of 2016 at YWAM Kona. I loved my DTS. I didn’t really understand missions before this. So I learned a lot about missions in my DTS.

YWAM Orlando
YWAM Madison
YWAM Berlin
YWAM Amsterdam
YWAM Lancaster

I think my most impactful moment was in my DTS on the first day of class. Andy Byrd called us to be fully surrendered to God. I went front at the altar call and gave my life to Jesus. I was undone by the love of God in that moment. I cried for like 45 minutes on the floor. When I finally got up, everyone had left except for 1 staff member that stayed with me.


William Hoover

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