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Catalyst Internship

Gain transformative leadership skills, a deeper understanding of missions, and make a meaningful impact in your community and the world.

Torch Bearers From The Catalyst Internship At Ywam Lancaster

Catalyst Internship Overview

6-month intensive training that equips you for your calling, and develops your leadership.

Our Catalyst Internship (formerly School of Ministry Development, or SOMD) is a 6-month intensive training school that immerses you in the culture of YWAM Lancaster, equips you for your calling, and develops your leadership.

Elements of Your Catalyst Internship

The Catalyst Internship consists of three primary elements: Train, Apply, and Go. These elements are intermixed throughout the 6-month internship, creating a space to be equipped through a live-learn environment, ministry experience, and leading others in the nations.

A Ywam Lancaster Catalyst Intern Studying The Bible And Taking Notes


  • Practical instruction for catalytic leadership
  • Character and calling development emphasized
  • Build lifelong friendships with people from all around the globe

You will receive practical instruction designed to launch you as a catalytic leader into your calling. Leaders from across the region will invest in laying a firm foundation for you to grow in your character and your calling. We believe that a subject is not fully learned until it is lived. Every teaching you receive will have immediate practical application.

Ywam Lancaster'S Outreach Phase In Nepal In The Winter Of 2022.


  • Discipleship and equipping serving along side one another
  • Serving God’s work in the region
  • Activate your voice to call a generation to the great commission

Discipleship and equipping happens in the context of serving alongside one another. You will partner with your fellow interns and YWAM Lancaster staff to serve what God is doing in the region, and be used by God to see lives transformed, nations impacted, and eternity shifted. Your voice will be activated to call a generation to wrestle with their part to play in the great commission.

Ywam Lancaster Catalyst Interns In The Field | Ywam Lancaster


  • Carry the Gospel to an unreached nation
  • Rally a generation around the purposes of God
  • Lead them to take missional action
  • Growth through challenges and discomfort
  • Development of courageous initiatory leadership
  • Inviting others to join in global missions for Jesus’ exaltation

You will carry the gospel to an unreached nation. And you won’t go alone. You will rally a generation around the purposes of God and boldly lead them to take missional action. There will be unexpected changes and uncomfortable moments, but you will grow in courageous initiatory leadership as you invite others to journey with you to the nations of the earth to see the name of Jesus exalted above every other name.

Pricing & Date

Internship Schedule & Costs

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Upcoming dates

April 1, 2024 - August 30, 2024

Sept 29, 2024 - March 7, 2025

Phase One Cost:


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Training & Serving

Phase Two Cost:


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Note: Depends on Location

Now is the time to seek God and share the light of Christ into the darkness.

Members Of Ywam Lancaster'S Discipleship Training School Posing Out In The Field Spreading The Word Of God And Fulfilling The Great Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Catalyst Internship is a 6-month intensive training program designed to equip you for your calling and develop your leadership. It immerses you in the culture of YWAM Lancaster and provides hands-on learning experiences.

You will receive hands-on learning in various topics, including unreached peoples, modern missions, revival and reformation, the biblical storyline, and the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit.

The Catalyst Internship is composed of three main elements: Train, Apply, and Go. These elements are integrated throughout the 6-month duration, combining side-by-side teaching, ministry experience, and leadership opportunities.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • PHASE ONE – Training & Serving: $3,995
  • PHASE TWO – Going: $4,000-$6,000 (cost varies based on location)

Throughout the internship, you will undergo a comprehensive training process that includes topics such as unreached peoples, modern missions, and the power of prayer. This preparation will empower you for the missions component of the program.