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Our Mission and Vision

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In a world where 3.2 billion people have yet to hear the name of Jesus, YWAM Lancaster is on a mission to reach the unreached. Committed to establishing a sustained gospel witness, YWAM Lancaster aims to plant 10 long-term teams in the next 10 years. Your support is instrumental in making this vision a reality.

At YWAM Lancaster, we are dedicated to developing holistic training programs that raise leaders for every sphere of society. Our goal is to shape culture and bring transformation to every aspect of life.

In 2023...

Trained 475+ youth

11 global outreaches

90 individuals to nations

123 youth events

72 youth ministry partners

About YWAM Lancaster

Who We Are​

YWAM Lancaster is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission by empowering and equipping individuals to share the gospel in hard-to-reach places. Our mission is to encourage people to live boldly and catalyze movements across the face of the earth. YWAM Lancaster aims to be a catalyst, an instigator, and a spark that ignites individuals’ paths into living their lives on a mission, all while being radically in love with Jesus.

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Launch Partners

Join YWAM Lancaster to ignite individuals and ministries into a life dedicated to impactful missions. Your partnership sparks lasting change. 

Peer Partners

Your Peer Partner support reaches beyond neighborhoods to nations, creating waves of positive change. Discover the power of standing together. 

Legacy Partners

Legacy is intentional living, building into future generations for unparalleled success. Explore becoming a Legacy Partner and create an lasting impact.

Bridge Partners

Donor Policy

Your Impact, Our Commitment

Your gifts are used responsibly to support YWAM Lancaster and the Twin Pine Campus mission and are deductible under their registered operation as 501c3 organizations. When you select a donation partner type (launch, legacy, peer, bridge), you communicate the desired use of your gift, allowing flexibility to ensure its effectiveness in fulfilling the mission of YWAM Lancaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

YWAM Lancaster is dedicated to being a discipleship community that catalyzes a movement of Jesus followers to fulfill the great commission. The YWAM Twin Pine Campus is focused on providing integrated support, including finances, corporate services, and training opportunities, to the mission of YWAM Lancaster.

Your gifts are used responsibly to deliver on the missions of these organizations. Both are registered as 501c3 organizations, and your contributions are deductible under their registered operation.

Yes, you can. When selecting a donation partner type (launch, legacy, peer), you communicate the desired use of your gift. While expressing your preference, it’s important to note that your request is not binding. YWAM Lancaster retains the flexibility to allocate your gift in a way that ensures its effectiveness in fulfilling the mission of YWAM Lancaster.

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