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YWAM Lancaster’s mission is to transform lives and fulfill the Great Commission. Through strategic programs, we aim to make a lasting impact on communities, both locally and globally. Your donations support initiatives that bring positive change and spread the message of the Gospel to the nations.

Picture From Ywam Lancaster | Legacy Partner

Partnership Levels

Partner with Purpose

Legacy Giving Tiers

Make a lasting impact by becoming a Legacy Partner with a $12,000+ annual commitment for 5 years, supporting YWAM Lancaster’s mission and campus development.

Legacy Partners

($12,000+ per year for 5 years)

Silver Legacy Partners

($24,000+ per year for 5 years)

Gold Legacy Partners

($36,000+ per year for 5 years)

Heritage Campaign

Join us in eliminating the remaining $1,520,000 mortgage on our back property by 2025, ensuring a debt-free future for YWAM Lancaster’s campus development. Heritage Partners contribute $100,000 or more towards paying off the mortgage,

$100,000 +

Heritage Partners Contribute Towards Paying off the Mortgage

In 2023...

Trained 475+ youth

11 global outreaches

90 individuals to nations

123 youth events


About Our Partnerships

Transforming Lives, Fulfilling the Great Commission

In 2019, YWAM Lancaster’s property was dedicated to the Lord. Officially in operation since 2020, it serves as the hub of a wheel, with apostolic ministries as spokes, offering ministry opportunities for trainees and teams to reach the nations.

Since that time, we’ve experienced significant growth, supporting over 50 staff members on our 60-acre campus and $1.4 million in annual contributions. We’ve renovated nine buildings, and by fall 2023, a network of 600 financial partners actively contributes to our mission.

Your support is instrumental in enabling impactful programs, including campus development, long-term community impact, and training future leaders. It also plays a crucial role in paying off the $1,520,000 needed by the end of 2025 to avoid refinancing and secure our organization’s financial standing. Through Legacy Partnerships, your commitment ensures sustained growth, fostering a movement of Jesus followers to transform nations.

Picture From Ywam Lancaster | Legacy Partner
Members Of Ywam Lancaster'S Discipleship Training School Posing Out In The Field Spreading The Word Of God And Fulfilling The Great Commission.

About Our Partnerships


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