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Annabelle Esh

Annabelle Esh, a missionary at YWAM Lancaster

The More You Know

Hello, my names Annabelle! Jesus radically changed my life, led me to do a DTS, and now has given me a burden for the lost, and a heart for women and children. In the Fall of 2022, I did a DTS, as well as a Catalyst Internship at YWAM Lancaster in the Spring of 2023. My DTS outreach was in Cambodia, where the Lord showed me my love for teaching and discipling the younger generations. I am starting my first year as a teacher at The Hub Learning Center a school started to help homeschooled families. I will be teaching 4th-6th graders, through a Biblical lense. My hope is to eventually be in the nations, taking my teaching experience to a nation in need. Thank you for partnering with me to see the Great Commission fulfilled.

I love Ephesians! read it after I gave Jesus my fresh yes, after walking in sin and shame. I saw what it is to be a Christian through a new lens.

I enjoy reading ESV.

Cambodia, I love the people and the culture. I love how they’re such relational people. My favorite part of being in Cambodia was building relationships with women and teaching the children there.

I initially did my DTS to understand who God is. It was an action step to give up and walk away from the things of the world, and walk into the freedom I felt he had for me. My plan was to do a DTS and then continue hairstyling in the salon I was working for previously. But then as I was in Cambodia I had the revelation this is what I was made more and God created me for missions.

In March of 2023, I gained the perspective of God’s heart for the lost, that it breaks for them.

I have visited YWAM Battambang, Cambodia, and the Madang base in Papua New Guinea. They all shifted my perspective of missions in the nations and just the people’s mixture of different cultures and the ways we worship differently.

I would say one of my favorite stories is when our team was in a more isolated village in Ratanakiri, Cambodia. Two of my teammates came across this man with a skin condition and he had been cast out of the village due to his condition. Living alone near a graveyard. We had to leave soon they met but we went back the next day and brought him clothing and medicine, worshipped with him, and prayed for him. He felt so seen and embraced in that moment. We then shared the gospel with him and he gave his life to Jesus!! He truly does go after the one.


Annabelle Esh

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