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Cordell + Savannah Huyard

Cordell and Savannah Huyard, missionaries at YWAM Lancaster

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Hello, we are the Huyard’s! We have both grown up in Lancaster County, became fully committed to Jesus at the age of 18, and have been married for 6 years. We feel called to fan the flames of a new youth movement and to contend for revival in Lancaster County and beyond. We believe that God wants to reveal Himself to this generation, sparking a repentance, salvation, discipleship, and missions-sending response. Our hearts burn for the unreached and the Hindu people to be encountered by this move of God. Jesus deserves His maximum glory! We will walk in obedience to play our role through the ministry of YWAM Lancaster. Thank you for partnering with us practically and in prayer!

We love the book of Romans because it so holistically describes the gospel and Kingdom culture. As you read this book, with the Holy Spirit illuminating the words, it truly transforms your life.
NET (New English Translation). This translation uses creative and cutting language based off of the most ancient manuscripts found of the Bible in its original language. It also has incredibly in-depth notes to understand historical context, verbiage choice, and more. We have found that the choice of words is relatable, understandable, and captivating.


It was the slums of Costa Rica where I had an exciting run-in with the drug gang MS13 because they were not happy with the amount of young people turning to Jesus.


I would say the nation of South Africa. It was in this country, where I first saw the hunger of those who are lost, broken, and hurting, and was able to bring a lasting solution of wholeness, freedom, and peace by sharing Jesus Christ with them.

For both of us, we grew up in a family and culture where missions, outreach, and sharing the compassion of Jesus was regularly integrated into our lives. With every short-term trip, the compassion grew and led us to making a decision together to give our lives to long-term missions.


2014. It solidified my call to life-long ministry and built up my zeal to see unreached people in central Asia reached with the gospel of Jesus.


2020. It was a launching point for us into missions as our career choice. The Father taught me and brought me through a lot of personal growth, understanding, and healing so that I can now bring restoration, freedom, and knowledge to others.

We have been to over 10 YWAM bases and are always amazed by the diversity in culture and expression, showing that God’s Kingdom has so much space for creativity as we all worship Him and seek to expand His Kingdom.
We spent two weeks in Brazil where we went into public schools and were able to boldly share the gospel. The Holy Spirit moved in radical ways and we saw over 600 salvations!


Cordell + Savannah Huyard

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