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Eli Stoltzfus

Eli Stoltzfus, a missionary at YWAM Lancaster

The More You Know

Hello, my name is Eli! I am passionate to see the Gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ taken to the Middle East and the unreached. I was born and raised in Lancaster county, and I currently serve in frontier missions and operations with YWAM Lancaster. My heart is to know and worship Jesus, I mean really know Him, and see Him known and worshiped in Lancaster and the nations. I want to see the bride of Christ to step into her true identity. Thank you for your prayers and support!

ACTS Reading about the early church and the way they lived and did relationship with God and people really impacted the beginning of my walk with the Lord and desire for more in relationship with God. The stories about Holy Spirit particularly impacted me.

NLT I enjoy using a variety of translations but I like the simple language of the NLT which makes it easy to read.

Healy Alaska… This trip was exciting as I experienced many new things, flying, the vast wide open space and mountains of Alaska, Hiking at Midnight in the daylight, and more. What makes it memorable to me though is that I was really looking for answers and was desperate for more and I saw some things in the faith of the people there and things God did that really opened my eyes the the possibilities, realness, and joy of faith and relationship with God.

As long as I can remember I was intrigued by stories of people that lived that lifestyle. One evening in my early 20’s I was filled with a longing so deep it became a knot in my stomach and along with that came the thought to look up YWAM. My interest in overseas missions grew increasingly after that alongside a desire to really know God. After a 2 year period during which God met me in ways I wouldn’t have imagined I decided to do DTS

In the fall of 2021. The lecture phase and OR really impacted and challenged my worldview. In both I saw God, through the Holy Spirit, move in my life and the lives of others. And in OR I became aware of the challenges of missionary work and also the importance of gratitude, prayer, and worship in a christian’s life , especially one involved in missionary work

YWAM Mazatland , Colorado Springs , Orlando , Lancaster , and Durres. The worship and prayer aspects and cultures of each base has impacted the way I approach outreach.

During a recent outreach to Asia as we we sharing a drama on a part of the life of Jesus to a transgender and invalid group of people in an Islamic nation Holy Spirit really emphasized a specific part of the drama and seemed to really touch the people through it. Seeing how God touched these people, specifically the transgender crowd really helped me see how God loves and longs to redeem people no matter how broken, in fact it seems to be easier for Him to get through to people that are broken. This experience had a significant impact on how I see the love of God. [Romans 5:8-9 Luke 5:32 Isaiah 53]


Eli Stoltzfus

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