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John King

John King, a missionary at YWAM Lancaster

The More You Know

Hi, my name is John! I have a heart to see young people encounter the love of Jesus and be mobilized to step into their calling in fulfilling the Great Commission. I did a DTS and DBS at YWAM Pittsburgh in 2022 and then came to YWAM Lancaster in the Spring of 2023 to do the Catalyst Internship. I joined staff with YWAM Lancaster in the Fall of 2023. I believe that the Lord has me here for a specific purpose and I am committed to partnering with Him to see every tribe, nation, and tongue hear the Gospel and have an opportunity to experience His free gift of salvation. Thank you for your prayers and support!

I love the gospel of John and how John describes Jesus as the Word that became flesh. It has shaped the way I view and read the Bible because I know it’s the written revelation of Jesus.

NIV or ESV. Both are very simple and easy to understand for me.

Colombia – I had the opportunity to co-lead a group of young people on a 2 week Bible distribution trip to the Colombian Amazon. It was so amazing to experience God using us to bring His Word to people, many of whom had never heard of Jesus before.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to do missions in some capacity, but for years I ran from that call because I didn’t feel qualified and I didn’t think God could use me. But when I encountered God’s voice for the first time, I felt Him speak to me and tell me that He wanted to use me to build His kingdom so I took a step of obedience and signed up for a DTS.

I graduated my DTS at YWAM Pittsburgh in the Fall of 2022. During my DTS I felt the Lord call me to long-term missions and a lifetime of serving Him.

I’ve been to YWAM Lancaster Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Montego Bay, Cartagena, and Leticia.

On my trip to the Colombian Amazon I was so impacted by people’s hunger for the Word of God. So many people had never had an opportunity to have a Bible so to experience God use a simple person like me to impact their lives was so amazing. It also convicted me of taking God’s Word for granted in my life and it gave me a deeper thankfulness and hunger for the Word.


John King

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