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Kailey Weaver

Kailey Weaver, a missionary at YWAM Lancaster

The More You Know

Hey, my name is Kailey! My heart is passionate about helping young adults discover their God-given identity, grow rooted in truth and purpose, and be catalyzed to live an active missional lifestyle wherever God leads. I did my DTS in Nashville fall of 2021 and I’ve been with Ywam Lancaster since Jan 2023 doing a DBS and the Catalyst Internship. I felt an invitation to join staff because of an ever-increasing conviction on my heart: that I have been blessed to be a blessing. After everything the Lord has freed me from and walked me through, I now get the privilege to intentionally walk others into that same freedom, revelation, and the more God has for them! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Oftentimes it changes, but I love the book of Joshua. Joshua exemplifies a life without compromise and emphasizes the importance of remaining holy and obedient at all costs. It’s both convicting for me to see how bought in Joshua was and also encouraging to see that a life of total surrendered obedience is possible and exponentially worth it. His zealous undivided faith in the Lord gave God the freedom to move through him in unthinkable ways and the course of an entire nation was altered because of his surrendered leadership.

Traveling to Papua New Guinea with a Bible distribution team was a huge privilege. This trip was by far the most memorable due to a variety of hiccups along the way, including half our team getting stranded in the Philippines for several days due to visas that weren’t getting approved. I found it exciting to work with the medical team and hand out Bibles to people who never had them while we were in the villages.

A specific moment cannot be pinpointed, it’s been a long journey with the Lord. However, during my DBS and Internship, I just had a growing conviction that my life is not my own and I was so richly blessed so that I could bless others. I just couldn’t go back to my normal life with my own personal ambitions when I knew of all the people both locally and globally who have never gotten to experience the same revelation and freedom I had.

I did DTS fall of 2021. That was the season Jesus really began showing me what relationship actually was and I realized missions isn’t something that only titled missionaries do, it’s actually a lifestyle we’re all called to.

Ywam Nashville, Ywam Orlando, Ywam Lancaster, Ywam St Vincent, Ywam Madang, Ywam Pittsburg, and Ywam Baltimore. I just love how small the world gets when you’re in missions. It’s so fun having friends all over the world and running into them when/where you least expect it. It’s also so encouraging to see there are so many other passionate people for the Lord working to make an impact in their sphere as well.

When I was in PNG, I was struck with the realization that sometimes missions isn’t really all that glamorous. It’s not about the crazy stories although those are so fun and so awesome when you get them! But it’s really all about one thing, pursuing God and walking in obedience. It’s about discovering the Lord and following Him despite the outcome and despite what it looks like.


Kailey Weaver

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