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Kephas Beal

Kephas Beal from YWAM Lancaster

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Hey, my name is Kephas. I am changing my generation with the love of our heavenly Father! I want to see Generation Z catalyzed to fulfill the Great Commission, bringing them back to their first love. This will happen by discipling them in worship, prayer, and intentional relationship to be a bold Gospel witness. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Romans because it reminds me that the lord does not condemn us of are past sins but brings conviction and forgiveness and from that freedom of sin.

I use ESV (English standard version) it brings me more clarity of the scripture.

I have served in Napel, trekking the Himalayan mountains taking sd cards of the new testament bible to villages who have never heard the Gospel before. It was so impactful, taking them the good news and seeing the smile on there face after hearing it.

I felt God calling me to something more than just working and making money. He wanted me to be a change in my generation. He called me when I was at my lowest in my truck, depressed and felt alone. Then God showed himself to me in that moment and spoke to me of what he was calling me to next. A that was to do a DTS and from that point I have found what God has been calling me to. To see my generation come into there identity as a son and daughter of christ.

I did my DTS in fall of 2021, and from that school the lord showed me what he has been calling me into. An since then I am still in missions.

I have been to Ywam Orlando and Ywam Montego Bay Jamaica. An all Ywam base’s are different and carry something special to them, and so it was cool to see what Ywam orlando and Ywam Montego Bay had special to them.

For me it is seeing the hunger my generation has to be a change in the world. So when you share to them the life changing experience Jesus brings to the hurting and broken. They want to be apart of that change Jesus can bring to the nations and through business’s.


Kephas Beal

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